SINGA Deutschland was founded in 2016 to create meaningful connections between newcomers and locals and shift the paradigm of migration. Today we have devoted our work to building impactful, ground-breaking, and sustainable solutions for inclusive societies and innovative economies. To achieve this goal, we create spaces for participative co-learning experiences. Therefore, we use design thinking methods and an eye-level communication approach, focusing on meaningful, joyous, and gamified encounters, continuous evaluation, and improvement. Our activities are taking place in Berlin and the surrounding area. At the same time, we support organizations and initiatives on an international level by implementing innovative projects that lead toward an inclusive society.
SINGA Deutschland builds impactful, ground-breaking, and sustainable solutions for inclusive societies and innovative economies.
In the awareness that migration is experienced differently, we foster inclusive environments in which participation, appreciation and empathy contribute to everyone experiencing belonging and agency.
The first SINGA organization was founded 2012 in Paris. Since then SINGA France has successfully established an international network of engaged people. Today local SINGA organizations are based in 7 countries. Besides Berlin, SINGA in Germany has a presence in Stuttgart, Bochum and Karlsruhe. All local organizations share common values but are tailoring their work according to local needs.

Today, 80 million people (1% of the world’s population) live in exile (UNHCR). This number will rise to 300 million by 2050 (UN), with the acceleration of global warming and the political and economic unrest in certain countries. Europe plays a significant role in welcoming these populations but struggles to create solutions that truly foster the inclusion of newcomers.

The word “migrant” often conjures an image of a shapeless, precarious, and dangerous figure without any individuality. This biased perception triggers debates around national security and polarised societies, creating a “us” versus “them” narrative. A pointless concept, as Professor Otto Scharmer (MIT), highlights: this idea of “us” can fluctuate and expand to include more and more profiles as time goes by.
We refuse to see migration uniquely as a humanitarian or security issue. We must quickly and radically change how society at large approaches migration: it is a great opportunity to meet new people, and give meaning to our lives. It provides economic opportunities, limitless knowledge, and permanent cultural enrichment.

What if the world was more reactive to environmental and social change? What if each citizen of the world was no longer limited by his/her nationality, but could thrive with their own plural and dynamic identity? What if we could benefit from others’ experiences, knowledge, and skills?

Co-founder and Shareholder
Co-Managing Director
Co-Managing Director
Whether conducting research, consulting or working for international organisations in Morocco, Turkey or Germany, Luisa‘s work has long been concerned with the question: "How can people be empowered to engage in society to their full potential when arriving in a new place?" Luisa was inspired to co-found SINGA Deutschland after working with SINGA France. Today, she makes good use of her experience to support the SINGA team as an advisor. Luisa was inspired to co-found SINGA Deutschland after working with SINGA France. Since a few months, she has been making good use of her experience to support the SINGA team as an advisor.
Ghayth was born in 1985 in Aleppo, Syria. After having worked with SINGA and co-founded the SINGA Business Lab, his degree in economic and Business administration from Aleppo University helped him to co-found Bab al-Jinan, a - delicious - Street food & Catering company. He is now a shareholder of SINGA.
After his studies and work on 4 continents Fabian has found his home again in Berlin. He is fascinated by human connections and the inspirations they can create and has therefore found a perfect place for himself at SINGA. Fabian had been part of the team since 2016 and was on the management team from 2018 to 2021.
Ramona Hinkelmann brings a wealth of experience from previous jobs in participation and inclusion with a focus on women in tech, youth representation, and community building with newcomers and locals. She is an expert in the development of educational trainings and programs. She is a strategic thinker and very experienced in role-based leadership facilitation.
Lorelei Logel-Demoulin met SINGA while building the first SINGA Business Lab in 2016. With a background in (social) entrepreneurship, she brings experience from working in tech startups to impact investing, and to accompanying scaling, mission-driven SMEs — in her capacity as individual consultant as well as part of the team at Yunus Social Business. She is an empathetic leader and a truly entrepreneurial mind herself.
Chief Executive
Mohammed is passionate about supporting entrepreneurs in achieving their mission, professional goals and dreams. After obtaining his degree in Economics and Business Administration, he gained managerial experience in the field of HR Training & Development and worked as a consultant in multiple international consultancy projects. He values quality and creativity.
Co-Founder SINGA Stuttgart
Project Manager
Juliette just obtained her master’s degree in European and French-German Politics in Strasbourg, with the goal to support social and cultural cross-border projects. She is motivated to create opportunities for people to overcome borders and open up to the world. Therefore, she is happy to support SINGA Stuttgart and to enrich her experience in the field. With her multilingual skills, she perfectly complements our team to also support our French-German cross-border project SINGAmi.
In 2016 Peter gave up his job as an engineer to support youth in Uganda to create social business from scratch. Creating new perspectives together with them, has motivated him to co-found SINGA Stuttgart in Germany. Seeing how people can change their life in a positive way confirms that entrepreneurship is the right way of supporting people.
Co-Founder SINGA Stuttgart
Amelie is fascinated by the power of innovation to bring out opportunities where they may be least expected. Inspired by the power and motivation of young entrepreneurs in Uganda she Co-Founded SINGA Stuttgart.