Watch out Newcomers: This could be your chance to kickstart your startup!

Do you have an exciting business idea? Or just entered the journey of creating your own startup? Did you come to Germany within the last 8 years? Are now living, working and having ideas in Berlin? Then this seems to be your competition

Berlin Newcomer Startup Award offers you not only cool opportunities to work on your concept with and get feedback from others, meet new people and expand your network but also – DRUMROLL – 27.500€ seed capital in total plus individual coaching and support for the lucky winners!

What is in it for you?

It’s not all about the prize money. Berlin Newcomer Startup Awards have even more to offer:
Great opportunities
to network – online and offline.
Valuable feedback
on your ideas and plans from experienced entrepreneurs and experts.
and the chance to present your (future) business to a larger audience if you get nominated as a finalist.
Our Prizes:
And this is how easy it is to get it:
Everything you need to know.
Still not convinced that we’re looking for you? Check out the answers to our FAQs below and download the conditions for participation for even more information.
Public Voting
Who should win the Berlin Newcomer Startup Award? We’re interested to find out which business idea is the most convincing to you as a potential future client, supporter, business partner, or investor. That’s why we invite you to be a part of our “extended jury”!

Our jury preselects 6 awesome finalists! You support your favorite by giving them your vote, sharing the link to their profile with your network – and in the end making them the lucky winner of the extra prize of 5.000€ + 2.500€ budget for coaching / consulting.
Discover the innovative startup ideas from our 2023 Berlin Newcomer Startup Award finalists
Join OCTO Labs
OCTO, a revolutionary personality-based hiring assistant, helps companies identify and hire the best candidates. It uses a dynamic conversational interface, gamification elements, instant feedback, and next-level behavioral interviews to reduce self-reporting biases, foster self-improvement, and increase motivation. OCTO's unique approach ultimately reduces turnover by identifying candidates aligned with company culture.
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Browsing company confidential data is inefficient. All the currently available solutions focus on single users or large enterprises.
DeepFile provides SMEs with a plug and play solution to ask questions in natural language and find answers supported uniquely on documents produced and stored on employees devices and company intranet. DeepFile's innovative and proprietary LLM is able to run on low performing devices enabling a 100% local process to guarantee the highest level of privacy.
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Moving is stressful; ReloSync plans to ease the pain. We bring together an AI-powered chatbot for real-time queries, personalized task lists for effective organization, on-demand coaching for personalized guidance, and a resourceful blog. We adapt to the unique needs and stages of each move, offering a genuinely tailored experience.
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HeyOtters is the loyal companion in form of an app that healthcare & social professionals need in their daily work-life in a system that doesn't offer them much support or recognition, but instead: burns them out. Our goal is to enhance mental hygiene & self-care with a spark of joy for those who spend so much time of their life's to improve the life of others. HeyOtters is tailored to their daily work-routine and specific challenges as well as supporting newcomers with practical work-advice.
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Amped - Amplified Education
Is a promise for the digital Germany in the age of AI. There is an extreme shortage of skilled workers & despite immigration schemes, German tech companies cannot match the scale of USA or China. Is a comprehensive AI based training & upscaling platform by German professionals for professionals abroad who cannot navigate the German job and immigration market. Is differentiated by current bootcamps as it acts as a bridge and removes barriers which deter expats from choosing Germany.
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Ma, Sparkling Water.
Ma is a flavoured sparkling water brand. It will be made with natural fruit essence We have very few competitors in the german market. Either you have wildly available options like San Pellegrino or O2, and these are loaded with sugar. Or you have a competitor you can purchase on Amazon called Dash. They are still small here and do not offer much flavour choice. Ma will be special in the sense that it will be tasty and healthy, and wildly available (Think Netto, Rewe, Amazon..etc).
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Lina Eddisi
Norbert Herrmann
Peter Akpotosu-Nartey
Ali Khan
Evaluation Criteria

Evaluating the entrepreneurs’ business ideas, analyzing potentials, and deciding which one of all the great (future) businesses should win the big prize? Was not an easy task to accomplish – but our expert jurors like a little challenge!

As a team of diverse backgrounds and expertise, they not only pre-selected the six finalists to compete for the public voting prize but also evaluated their live pitches at the final award show.

Decisions on the winners of the 3 main prizes were based on the following criteria:

  • degree of innovation of product or service solution
  • clear understanding of and attractiveness for a target group
  • competition in the market
  • feasibility
  • business model
  • entrepreneur / team and network
  • entrepreneurial responsibility
Our Events
Whether you are just starting your entrepreneurial journey or you are already part of the Berlin startup scene and interested to meet new people and expand your network.
If you are interested in learning about newcomer entrepreneurs participating and their ideas, the Berlin Newcomer Startup Award organizes a variety of events covering these topics and interests from supporting the application process to expert days and networking events. All events are free of charge and open to everyone interested.

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